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Our Major Markets : USA, Australia, China, Japan, Europe, CIS and Russia

Fine Quality Timber “FQ” is primarily an export oriented entity with daily manufacturing, business processes and marketing operations all being well manage by Chew family. FQ produces products that are engineered and precision machined mouldings to achieve superior finishing and stability as well as strenght and durability for outdoor applications.

FQ operation is fundamentally primilary focusing on the customised solutions hence our order portfolios are diversified and adjusted according to different market requirements. With years of experience and practices of keeping high raw materials inventory FQ is readily and welcoming of new incoming enquiry for new program. As a family based manufacturing entity FQ can offer responsive services, professional production know how and be a reliable end to end solution provider. To date FQ has successfully exported to different programs in US, Australia, China, EU, Japan, Norway and Russian speaking markets in which where sustainable design principles underpin each and every commission of the timber moulding requirements. FQ aim is to promote sustainable use of resources, conserve and maintain site ecology at harvesting site, andwe seek to mitigate the climate change impacts, support economic contribution to local harvesting area.

As FQ comes highly recommended working with most of its clients for many years with repetative programs FQ role has been to provide a wealth of experiences in manufacturing products and a key facilitator for FQ+ services.

FQ fully expect future years to be an even stronger year. We thank you for our clients trust and support. With the involvement of the 2nd generation of Chew family we are sure our clients will find key components at facilitating healthy working relationship with its partners, and achieving prosperous growth together with its clients.

  • Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
  • UK, London
  • Netherlands, Amsterdam
  • Russia, Moscow
  • Australia, Perth
  • USA, Portland
  • USA, New York
  • Europe, Czech Republic
  • Tokyo, Japan

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