Passion & Professionalism

“Art of Remanufacturing, a Pleasing Blend of Hard Work, Passion, Change, Persistent and Precision”

FQ is for general and engineered mouldings remanufacturing and finishing. FQ is a family members servicing and solution based remanufacturing services provider with the Typical Production Flow: 

  • Procurement of raw materials (could be from the end results from the FQ research of lesser known species approved by the customer after trials)
  • Quality control of raw materials its tracibility and documentation
  • Timber Stacking
  • Timber preservatives pressure treatment
  • Air Drying
  • Kiln Drying
  • Quality control during and after kiln drying
  • Timber selection, segregation and storage
  • 1st skip dress
  • Quality control and 1st round (main) colour selection
  • Proceed with straightening, docking, optimising or frame sawing
  • Quality control and colour selection
  • Quality checking of the specific adhesive tailored for each production
  • Random Extraction & Docking from Actual Production Lengths for Lab Test
  • Finger or horizontal jointing
  • Quality Control of joints and spread/ penetration of adhesive
  • 1st blanking after finger joint
  • Quality control by random sampling for lab test
  • Band saw ripping (if needed)
  • 2nd S4S blanking
  • Quality control, segregation and spacing of timber preparing for lamination
  • Lamination process
  • Quality control of layers of glue spread/ penetration of each lamination line.
  • 1st S4S after lamination
  • Final machining and profiling
  • Quality control for precision, touch up, repair, sanding and rejection
  • Oiling, priming or lacquering
  • Resanding and recoating
  • Quality control and rejection
  • Solid Packing, labelling and final quality control
  • Deliver for prompt shipment container loading, fumigation and phytosanitory inspection
  • Tracking of delivery status
  • Customer service and follow up
  • Working with customer with proposal of stuffing, profile design (if new) and shipment date for next PO.

FQ’s positioning is to be a solution provider especially for general mouldings and engineering remanufacturing. Ongoing research & development, product design & development, and consistent investment. Some of the finishing capabilities currently available at FQ is lacquering, UV coating, priming, brushing and oiling. Keeping pace with the market wants FQ is always in pursue of develop more completed facilities which opens scope to new manufacturers creativity.

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