Vibrant Venture

“Manufacturing Servicing Root, Expanding Solutions Orientation”

Quantity Survey

The FQ team is excited to announce that FQ+ is an extension of FQ in providing services solutions that will enhance the exisitng remanufacturing portfolios of FQ to provide more flexibility and cover more comprehensive requirements from the clients and marketplace. This is to enable FQ and its clients to continually gain market share and tailor to develop more customised services very effectively in which will add a numer of key qualities to help advance FQ to another higher industry levels. FQ+ will work actively with FQ clients in all facets at a senior level, carefully building and further solidifying FQ remanufacturing strength to highest possible level.

FQ+ analyses business processes and directs the work of the client’s team. We coordinate, monitor and review the work of QS and specialist team members, arrange team meetings and plan work stages, programmes and progress reports.

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