A Touch of Rhyme

“When we use the tree respectfully and economically, we have one
of the greatest resources on the earth.”

— Frank Lloyd Wright


To exceed clients expectations.

Corporate Culture

Passion on change, innovative in practice, client centric servicing and solution focus


– Honest, integrity and honoured good business ethics and the protection of intellectual property.
– Practice of daily improvement delivering higher values, protecting our environment and investing in machineries or equipments that could enhance the yield of wood via value added and timber engineering processes.
– To be a proactive service oriented family business with enhanced manufacturing solutions and optimised business processes.
– To have an efficiency, simplified solutions and best practice for manufacturing and business flow.

Corporate Vision

To be a premium and integrated re-manufacturing service provider, and progressively lifting our highest priority to provide highest value adding & client centric manufacturing services


– To invest in human capital, client centric business practices & knowledge management.
– Focusing on fundamentals, efficiency, innovation, re-engineering & enhancement of our core competence.
– To build a rapport relationship with clients and business partners such as associates and suppliers.

– To build a financially conservative, sound & updated business model.
– To deploy best practices and equal weighting on the economic, social & environmental responsibilities.


– To achieve brand recognition & client equity
– To provide hassle free and value for money products & services
– Consistently moving up to the top of the value chain, creating long term & profitable value net

Business Positioning

Client centric and end to end OBM/ ODM business processes & manufacturing services provider of engineered general mouldings

Core Competence

Family business, hands on factory remanufacturing & business management. specializing in high end and outdoor engineered mouldings and engineering services.

Core Business

Re-manufacturing of general and engineered mouldings including profile design & provider of manufacturing solution.

Value added Services

Consultation & other client centric value added services including quantity surveyor, engineering and digital marketing services which categorised under FQ+. FQ+ services could allocated a full time dedicated staff if needed. The service time zone though must be in line with our existing Kuala Lumpur team with working hours from 09:00- 17:30 hours GMP +8 ? .

Augmented Services

Servicing for existing clients to distribute, importing & exporting as well as re-branding in different parts of the export markets.

Re-engineering Services

Integration and re-engineering of business model and manufacturing flow with strategic partners, suppliers & clients forming better supply chain and value net creation. Recondition and upgrading of 2nd hand machineries especially branded moulder, finger jointing line, spraying and coating line.

Manufacturing & Servicing

Our family members are pride to have inherented good factory management philosophy and we will try to achieve best practices with the front line production know how.

Sourcing & Consultation Services

To be a reliable & responsible representative, sourcing of timber related products & materials. We will try to be communitive in the production flow design for moulding line consulation.

Procurement Policy

On the procurement side, just like the manufacturing operation, FQ team always “hands on” and has been traveling to suppliers and building program, in hardwood and softwood since FQ’s inception. FQ is now a PEFC holder and source only legal sources of raw materials with legal certificates from the local government. FQ team heading up both the raw materials legality accessment and grading at all suppliers mills in assisting the “root” of the procurement processes is being executed right from the first place. FQ also practice keeping sufficient stocks for rotation to keep up with regular production program.


Niche, professional & responsible; consistency in quality, prompt shipment & long-term business vision.

Expectation from Buyer

Consistency & stable in order, genuine & prompt payment, communicative & understanding. In FQ, we value the unique flair and specializations of each of our client, disciplines and their whole team members as they are the ones that enables us to learn and apply our vast experience to our international markets needs, in addition to creating business opportunities in their countries of origin.

Looking Ahead

Siblings from the second generation of the chew family has been actively involved in daily operation, and with each taking care of different segements of the production, factory and business management experiences.  With an average of +20 years of operating experience each of the 2nd generation family members had totally committed to the daily operation & ready to experiment best practices and riding on for new growth opportunities.

The moto of the 2nd generation is to excel from the good values and practices passed on to achieve excellent works enabling many of FQ clients returning time and again having recognised Chew family innate ability to produce consistently precision, beautiful and practical designs mouldings, and management skills in ensuring they are built to international standards of workmanship and professionalism.

FQ Proposal

FQ welcomes business proposal that is within it’s reach with viability & feasibility for join development of new product and services. FQ is keen to work closely with its clients to establish a rapport business partnership to ensure each program is specially formulated with quality, value, durability and maintainability of the products and services provided.

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