“When you choose Fine Quality Timber, you’re choosing a partner.”

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Chew family continues to be a profoundly optimistic venture towards and with 2 generations aspirations in timber remanufacturing, finger jointing and reengineering millwork begins by amassing the history of the family know how dated back to early 1970s, and combining with collaborative talents with the family network in both the technical and business associates in recent years it had foster and form the current FQ team.

As all services are with the highest expectations of the client hence FQ enduring will is to trying its best to deliver the best remanufacturing practices tairod to serve the international clients. FQ team had contact business associates and people throughout the world to study our client’s technical need, business, brand and mission. With our in-depth understanding of their needs and challenges and the context in which they’re competing, FQ combine the knowledge and expertise of FQ teams and associates to exceed their goals and set new standards.

By maintaining close ties with clients, FQ hope to develop a greater perception of clients requirements in order to feel ease of mind cooperation, while simultaneously maximising the potential of repeatitive purchases. FQ try to achieve ‘WOW FACTOR’ yet retain the ‘fitness for purpose’ and ‘value for money’. These principles are never sacrificed for gimmicks, which may work in the short-term but will not withstand the test of time.

FQ is trying to operate as a service and solution provider because it is only through the extraordinary services and enthusiasm from FQ team that we are able to create transformative operation. The 2nd generation of Chew and the FQ team are trying to be of multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, consistently and innovatively maintain working passion each day working around the clock to apply our expertise to the range of assisgned tasks and to deliver on time.

Throughout the years, FQ has prided itself on providing a high level of professional expertise with a strong emphasis on design, technical and managerial skills. The company has maintained a reputation for high quality production developed within cost efficient parameters. Priority is placed on the detailed studying of best practical way of production at conceptual design stages of each project and product, and regular dialogue encouraged so that the client’s needs and aspirations can be clearly established.

Brief Note


Corporate Registration No.: 174407- P (Under Companies commission of Malaysia)

Year Established: 28 Sept 1988

Brand: FQ

Co-brand: FQ+

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